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EASA Seeks Input on Flight Crew Licensing and Training

The regulatory framework to govern training requirements for pilots of eVTOL aircraft is still evolving, as are the rules under which the new electric vehicles will be operated in commercial service starting around 2024. Many observers of the regulatory process anticipate the deployment of exemptions to existing rules in the early phase of operations; that’s not to say, however, that work isn’t being done to develop more specific requirements tailored to differentiating performance characteristics of the new aircraft.

One such effort is EASA’s recently issued NPA 2021-12 notice of proposed amendment on flight crew licenses for what the European aviation safety agency refers to collectively as gyroplanes. While the proposed rules cover only private pilot licenses and non-commercial operations conducted under visual flight rules, training providers preparing to support the new wave of eVTOL flight crew anticipate that this aspect of the regulatory process could be an impactful starting point for rules to govern commercial air taxi services. Stakeholders have until Jan. 14, 2022, to comment on the proposals.