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EASA Issues Special Condition Requirements For Electric Propulsion

EASA recently published the final version of its special condition requirements for the certification of electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems (EHPS). The document, which was subject to extensive consultation during 2020, will be of particular significance to developers of new eVTOL aircraft, but also to a wide array of manned and unmanned aircraft.

The European regulator has not addressed requirements and means of compliance for hydrogen-based propulsion systems. “These designs require further work and research before defining the associated certification requirements,” EASA advised in the introduction to the new document (SC E-19).

Also excluded from the scope of the special condition are the terms under which propellers and rotors will be certified. Additional certification requirements will apply for the integration of EHPS into the aircraft they will power.

Via the link to the EASA website, you can download the full final special condition document, as well as two other background documents.