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Electro.Aero Signs Charging Partnership Deals with Four Electric Aviation Firms

Electric vehicle charging group Electro.Aero has forged four new partnerships with leading companies in the electric aviation industry. The partnerships, announced by the Australian company on April 25, cover software, leasing, and infrastructure development.

A new partnership with electrical infrastructure software developer Aerovy Mobility will enable dynamic pricing of aircraft charging service based on machine learning of supply and demand patterns for Electro.Aero customers. According to Electro.Aero, the collaboration means that providers of charging services can ensure that every aircraft gets the charge it needs when it needs it while minimizing electricity costs from the grid.

A new partnership with Altaport, a developer of automation software for airports, heliports, vertiports, and droneports, calls for integration with Electro.Aero charging infrastructure to ensure the orderly management of charging slots by pre-booking and queue control of incoming aircraft needing a charge. By relaying real-time information about available chargers and pricing to aircraft operators, Altaport software maximizes the use of charging assets and minimizes aircraft turnaround time.

Electro.Aero has also availed itself of structured leasing solutions for electric aircraft and charging infrastructure through a partnership with Greenstar Aviation Partners, which claims deep knowledge of the sustainable aviation sector and longstanding experience in the global leasing of aviation assets.

Finally, Electro.Aero’s new partnership with Skyportz—a developer of vertiport infrastructure focused on securing access to prime sites for vertiports—gives it access to a portfolio of existing sites across Australia. Skyportz assists property developers and owners to prepare for future air taxi and freight services.

“With these new partnerships covering software, leasing, and infrastructure development, our customers will now be able to install our world-leading, high-tech aircraft charging solutions with fully integrated smart software for electricity and traffic management, all at minimal upfront cost,” said Electro.Aero CEO and cofounder Richard Charlton. “Electro.Aero is committed to providing full turnkey aircraft charging solutions for our customers, whether they are aircraft manufacturers, aircraft operators, airports, or vertiports.”  

During this week's Revolution.Aero conference in Dublin, Charlton told FutureFlight that his company has already started delivering chargers to several eVTOL aircraft developers. He said that the company has been expanding its product portfolio to be suitable for aircraft use, and to meet operators' requirements to achieve a full charge in just 15 minutes. The Perth-based company has called for industry standardization for electric aircraft charging units.