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Brazilian Regulator Agrees on Process for Certifying Eve's eVTOL Aircraft

Brazil’s ANAC civil aviation authority has agreed on the process under which Embraer subsidiary Eve Urban Air Mobility will seek type certification for its four-passenger eVTOL aircraft. The company today announced that it will seek approval for the all-electric vehicle through what it calls a “normal category” type certification by meeting the requirements of ANAC’s Regulation No. 23, which is equivalent to FAA’s Part 23 rules, with some unspecified additional requirements.

Eve says that it has agreed with ANAC to engage with other international aviation authorities to seek validation for its Brazilian type certificate. These would presumably include the FAA in the U.S. and Europe’s EASA.

For more than a year, Eve has remained largely silent about its progress in building a prototype to start flight testing. The company, which is in the process of going public via a merger with Zanite Acquisition, says that it aims to start delivering the aircraft in 2026, having already logged provisional sales commitments from prospective customers around the world. It has also forged partnerships with service and infrastructure providers to develop what it says is the required "ecosystem" for launching eVTOL air taxi services.

“The formalization of the eVTOL certification process is an important step towards the continuity of the discussions that have been held between Eve and ANAC for the vehicle certification for urban air mobility,” said the Brazilian company’s chief technology officer, Luiz Felipe Valentini. “In addition to demonstrating Eve’s commitment to the development of the project, it allows the institutions to evolve in the definition of the requirements and means of compliance applicable to certification.”