The Future of Advanced Air Mobility

Varon Selects Software Partner for Its Urban Air Mobility Network

Software group Real-Time Innovations (RTI) is to supply its Connext data distribution service (DDS) to provide the software connectivity framework needed for Varon Vehicles’ planned Traffic Management System (TMS) to support urban air mobility (UAM) operations. Varon intends to develop infrastructure networks consisting of connected vertiports, eVTOL vehicles, and the “aerial lanes” along which these will fly.

California-based RTI has already developed DDS networks to support more than 250 autonomous vehicle operations in environments such as power plants and hospitals. The software provides secure vehicle-to-vehicle communications, as well as connecting vehicles to infrastructure, communicating operational intelligence in milliseconds.

In an August 17 announcement, the company explained that its Connext system meets current RTCA DO-178C, and Eurocae ED-12C-DAL standards. It says it will facilitate efforts to secure safety certification and airworthiness approval for UAM vehicles.

Colombia-based Varon Vehicles is working to establish UAM commercial operations, starting in Latin American cities that have overloaded ground transportation networks that cannot be cost-effectively upgraded. “RTI Connext delivers the communication and data fusion capabilities necessary to enable high-end reliability and safety of all the systems we need to bring together,” said CEO and founder Felipe Varon. “Data management robustness, reliability, and real-time performance are critical in the highly automated environments required in our infrastructure networks.”