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MagniX Expands Power Options with 350 kW and 650 kW Electric Propulsion Units

MagniX this week unveiled two new members of its family of electric propulsion units (EPUs) for aircraft. In addition to the Magni500 system, the U.S. company is now offering the Magni350 and Magni650 EPUs.

With respective power ratings of 350 kW and 650 kW, these units offer alternatives to the 500 kW Magni500, which has already been flown on converted aircraft including a DHC-2 Beaver and a Cessna Grand Caravan. MagniX is looking to market electrified versions of existing aircraft with installations to be made under supplemental type certificates that it is in the process of securing from the FAA.

The direct-drive, liquid-cooled EPUs operate at 2,300 rpm or less and at altitudes of up to 30,000 feet in unpressurized environments. The EPUS can drive propellers and other standard aircraft accessories.

According to MagniX, it is on track to complete certification of its EPUs, which consist of a motor and batteries, under FAA Part 33 rules during 2022. In addition to what it calls the eBeaver and eCaravan aircraft, the Washington-based company is providing the propulsion system for the Alice electric aircraft being developed by its sister company, Eviation Aircraft.

"Based on real-world design, build, and operational testing, we're making incredible strides to push the aviation industry forward and accelerate the rate at which aircraft become electric," commented MagniX CEO Roei Ganzarski in the company's June 17 announcement. "The Magni350 and Magni650 EPUs enable affordable, emission-free, and quieter flights to communities around the world in the very near future."