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Aviation Gets a Voice In New French Government Hydrogen Council

Airbus engineering vice president Jean-Brice Dumont will represent the company and industry group GIFAS.
The French government is investing $8.5 billion to support efforts to use hydrogen in place of carbon-based fuels as part of a national effort to decarbonize and rebuild its economy in the wake of the Covid pandemic. In the U.S., the Vertical Flight Society is forming a hydrogen committee to focus on possibilities for eVTOL aircraft.
Airbus ZeroE

Walle Commits to Using Jaunt Journey eVTOL Aircraft For Italian Air Taxi Services

The startup is looking at starting operations in the Milan and Naples areas.
Walle says it will start air taxi services in 2026, using Jaunt Air Mobility's five-seat Journey hybrid-electric aircraft. It will focus on short routes of up to around 30 miles, even though the Journey's range is expected to be at least 80 miles.
Walle Milan

Aviation Takes a Low Profile At Virtual Consumer Electronics Show

General Motors hinted that it is working on a Cadillac-branded personal air vehicle.
The only surprise announcement in the aviation sector from this week's Consumer Electronics Show has been a glimpse of a General Motors concept for an all-electric personal air vehicle. Japan's SkyDrive and Pal-V of the Netherlands also participated in the event.
General Motors personal air vehicle

Vertical Flight Society Says Covid Has Not Slowed eVTOL Progress

The industry group has tracked a total of 407 eVTOL aircraft concepts from 245 different companies.
The Vertical Flight Society will hold its 8th annual Electric VTOL Symposium from January 26-28. The group said that investment in new eVTOL aircraft programs is still being made at a rate of around $1 billion per year.
Joby Aviation S4 prototype

Former Airbus Chief Executive Tom Enders Joins Lilium Board

Five years after being launched in 2015, Lilium is valued at just over $1 billion, according to some estimates.
Tom Enders spent more than two decades with European aerospace group Airbus, including almost 12 years as CEO. He brings extensive aviation experience to the board of eVTOL developer Lilium.
Tom Enders

Autonomous Flight Advances Larger Y6S Plus eVTOL Aircraft

The UK startup has launched a $25 million funding round to support its efforts to have a prototype flying by the end of 2023.
UK-based Autonomous Flight has made changes to its eVTOL aircraft design in the belief that it will need at least six seats to be commercially viable in its plan for scheduled shuttle operations.
Autonomous Flight Y6S Plus

Fiat Chrysler Backs Archer's eVTOL Aircraft Plans

Archer plans to unveil and fly its first full-scale eVTOL prototype during 2021.
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Archer have announced a partnership that will see the U.S. carmaker provide composite materials and engineering support for the startup's planned four-seat all-electric aircraft.
Archer eVTOL aircraft

GE Aviation Seeks Buyers For Airxos Unmanned Traffic Management Unit

GE has said it will close Airxos on February 1 but is open to offers for the company.
Covid-related financial pressures have prompted GE Aviation to close the Airxos unmanned traffic management specialist it launched in June 2018. The company's Air Mobility platform supports operations by unmanned aircraft.

UK's FlyZero Recruits Leadership Team for Carbon-Free Aviation Program

The team is starting a 12-month research project involving around 100 technical experts.
The UK's FlyZero has drawn heavily on aircraft engines maker Rolls-Royce and airframing group Airbus in filling management positions for its program to advance plans for carbon-free commercial air services by 2030. The program has government funding through the Aerospace Technology Institute.
Rolls-Royce Accel