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Ducted-fan specialist Trek Aerospace has developed the FlyKart 2 as a technology demonstrator. It has not declared a firm plan to seek type certification and service entry. It is believed that the company may be willing to license production to another company or develop the model as a kit-built aircraft. 


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Our objective assessment of this program’s probable success.

FutureFlight assesses the probability of success for a new aircraft program by considering the following criteria:

  • Total investment funds available in proportion to the anticipated cost of getting an aircraft certified and in service
  • A company’s in-house capability (in terms of numbers of engineers, technical staff, and customer support teams)
  • The past experience of the company and its senior leadership in developing aircraft
  • The caliber and past experience of key program partners
  • Whether key aircraft systems have been selected and are available for use
  • Whether the preliminary design review has been completed
  • Whether the design for the full-scale prototype has been completed
  • Whether the type certification process has been formally initiated with an appropriate regulator
  • Whether the company has achieved a first flight with a full-scale prototype
  • The number of hours logged in a flight test program
  • Whether type certification has been achieved
  • The number of orders and commitment received for the aircraft
  • Whether the company has adequate facilities to begin series production of the aircraft
Our Methodology

Trek Aerospace appears to be using the FlyKart 2 personal air vehicle as a showcase for its engineering expertise. At face value, it would not be too technically challenging to progress the design to service entry, but it's unclear whether that is the company's main intention.

FlyKart Models

FlyKart 2 Specifications

local vtol Flying Car/Hover Bike


  • Passenger Capacity
  • Range
  • Cruise Speed
    52 mph
  • Powerplant Type
    multi rotor
  • Power Source
  • Endurance
    40 min
  • Max Altitude
  • Takeoff Distance
  • Landing Distance
  • Empty Weight
    250 lb
  • Payload Weight


  • Length
    6 ft
  • Width
    7 ft
  • Height
    4 ft
  • Wingspan
    7 ft

FlyKart 2 is a single-seat, all-electric personal air vehicle that Trek Aerospace has built as a technology demonstrator.

Key Personnel

Rob Bulaga
Rob Bulaga

Founder, President

Jose Fierro
Jose Fierro

Vice President (VP)